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Genre TV Recommendations

Since I know that many people have been dropping Game of Thrones recently, and events in various TV shows have made me pretty tired of everything I’m watching right now, I thought it would be good to have a genre TV recommendations post.

Basically, what recent fantasy/sci-fi/horror/action/non-real-life TV shows have you been enjoying that:

– Have interesting, well-written female characters, and

– Don’t use rape as a plot device.

Normally I would just ask for that first one, but after the past couple of weeks of TV, I would really like a break from the second, and I’m sure other people would too.

I wish I could add my long list of recommendations here, but I have little to offer, as most of the shows I would have recommended last year have gone somewhat off the rails.

However, I will suggest The 100, as a deceptively-soapy-seeming, morally complex drama with a great cast of female characters (and leaders) with endless plot twists to keep you on your toes.

What shows would you recommend?


Rhiannon Thomas is the author of A WICKED THING and KINGDOM OF ASHES. She lives in York, England.

61 thoughts on “Genre TV Recommendations

  1. Agent Carter! Definitely check out Agent Carter, especially now that it’s been renewed for another season!

  2. I really like Orphan Black! There’s a lot of complex and different women (and their relationships to each other). Though it touches subjects like mental abuse and control over women’s bodies (including reproduction) it surely fits your second criteria, at least up for the latest episode.

    1. I’ve seen most of the first season of Orphan Black, and I had kind of a strange reaction to it. The acting is AMAZING, and it was a wonderful show… but something about it just didn’t click with me. Maybe I’ll try and pick it up again.

      1. Definitely give it another shot. Season two picks up the dynamics with the clones shift from infighting to fighting for autonomy against corporations and especially men.

        1. The more I watch Orphan Black, the more I like it. On the other hand, I liked it from the begining.

          Completely agree that the show it’s really good at portraying different woman. And not only the clones, but also the other characters like S or Delphine. In fact most characters are well rounded.

  3. I highly recommend In the Flesh. Two of the most important people in the male protagonist’s life are his sister and female best friend. They’re flawed and complex characters and they don’t just exist to advance his plot.

    On the sillier end of the scale, it’s worth considering Yonderland and The Librarians. The main character in Yonderland is a woman, but it’s definitely a fantasy comedy if that’s your cup of tea. If you can tolerate the cheesy vibe of The Librarians, it’s fun with some memorable female characters.

  4. My recommendation isnt quite recent (ended 6 years ago), yet it still deserves to be mentioned, as quite a lot of people seem to have missed it (at least amongst those i know): Battlestar Galactica.

    While it is a science fiction series, it doesnt focus on its technology etc as stuff like Star Trek etc does, but instead on the characters and on the social & moral challenges of a society, which stands on the brink of extinction.
    Its one of those dark, more realistic story-driven series with a lot of different characters, who are deeply human, flawed and often mistaken or mislead yet still or in fact because of that likeable.

    As for the first point it also has to offer a lot of very different and interesting female characters, the most famous of the lead characters probably being ‘Kara “Starbuck” Thrace’, a cigar smoking, drinking, gambling, short-tempered and quite promiscuous viper-pilot.
    Then we got ‘Laura Roslin’ as the de facto president of the remainder of mankind, an older woman in her 50s who often oscillates between likeable and unlikeable thanks to being technically a friendly lady with a mild temper, soft voice and a tender look, yet who often makes hard, morally questionable and even outright cruel decisions when the need arises. She even has a romantic life which is a theme throughout the whole show, which still isnt very common for older actors or at least between older actors of the same age.
    There are more lead female characters and a lot more side characters worth to be mentioned but that would be too much to write or even spoilering in some cases.

    As for the second point there is only one rape threat in the whole show, which itself also has some quite special circumstances, and thats it.

    1. Actually, there is one on-screen sexual assault that’s a major plot point, and another character is a victim of off-screen rape that already happened before, but both of these are treated very seriously and sensitively, and the latter really shows the trauma of rape and the psychological effects on the victim – the polar opposite of what GoT is doing.

      I second the recommendation of Battlestar Galactica, and it certainly had many well developed characters, female and male. The only problem is that the plot kind of went off the rails a bit in the last season.

      When it comes to older genre shows, I will always recommend Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in many ways a precursor to Battlestar: Galactica. It does not perhaps have that many major female characters, but it has a few that are really well fleshed out, varied, interesting, and play major roles in the story. Kira Nerys, arguably the second lead of the show (after Captain Sisko) and the center of some many crucial storylines, is one of my favorite female characters, a strong, complex and flawed heroine. Dax is interesting and strong in a completely different way than Kira. And the show has two major female antagonists (who are not one note villains) played by older (60+) actresses, who both get to be sexual (without falling into stereotypes), which is something one rarely gets to see on screen.

      1. I remember one sexual assault on BSG — I seem to recall some debate about it at the time, although I don’t remember too clearly now. The question of “was it dealt with sensitively” and “did it need to be included at all?”

        It is a great show for female characters and for a general feel of gender-inclusiveness, though.

  5. Seconding Agent Carter – it’s by far Marvel’s best series yet and wonderfully woman-centric. Not only is the main character a badass secret agent, but she forges female friendships while kicking patriarchy’s ass.

    (The show isn’t perfect – it’s lacking in diversity, for instance – but it’s miles and miles above stuff like Daredevil.)

    Also reccing – Orphan Black. Canadian show about a woman who meets her clone right before said clone jumps in front of a train. But where there’s one clone, there may be others…

    (Warning for men trying to control reproductive choices and unwanted artificial insemination. No rape, IIRC)

  6. The 100 was the first series that came into my mind. Many great, complex and not particularly sexualized female characters!

    I have heard that “Orange is the new black” is worth a watch as well, but I haven´t seen it myself.

  7. I’d definitely second those Agent Carter and Orphan Black recs. OB’s first season is wonderful, the second one slowed down a bit, but the third one has really picked up again.

    Also I’m loving iZombie, which is ending its first season on the CW. It’s Veronica Mars with zombies, and it started as a fun procedural, and it got even better as the season progressed! I don’t know if you watch animations (I usually don’t) but I recently binge-watched The Legend of Korra, and it is amazing).

    Did you watch the Supergirl pilot? The series starts oficially in september (I guess), but the pilot “leaked” (though the file had such high quality it was most certainly a CBS-sponsored leak) and I thought it was super fun and refreshing (sort of like The Flash, but with much more awesome ladies).

    Also, not a genre show but I think everyone in the world should watch Jane the Virgin. (the CW has really outdone themselves this season, it almost makes me forget that terrible rape plotline in Reign, which sadly made me lose all interest in the show and I haven’t watched it since)

    1. I had a similar response to Reign. I tried to keep going with it, but I never returned to it after the winter break.

      I’m definitely intrigued by Supergirl. There was so much controversy over the trailer, but I feel like a lot of that was bad timing with the Black Widow parody so recent. But I’m putting off watching it, in case I love it and have to wait months and months to see more!

      Definitely adding iZombie and Legend of Korra to my list. :) I loved Veronica Mars, but I’d forgotten he was working on a new series.

      1. After binge-watching Sense8 this weekend, I would definitely add it to the rec list. And I’d advise you watch it all at once, it really plays more like a 12 hour film than a weekly TV show. I really disliked the first episode, so don’t let it scare you off – it’s filled with cliches and the individual stories seem uninteresting, but damn does it grow on you. The characters become more interesting as you watch them interact, which is really the core idea of the show – the importance of human connection. And it manages to do that in such a inclusive way, by having characters from different parts of the world and that don’t fit the straight white cis male idea of human default. It’s a very special show, I’d recommend you give it a try. If by the forth episode you’re not hooked, then it’s not for you, but if you get into it, you’ll suddenly find yourself wondering where your last 12 hours went.

  8. I completely agree about Agent Carter and Orphan Black. Agents of SHIELD has gotten much better in it’s second season, and it’s women have always been the most interesting characters on and off the team. Penny Dreadful is another good one.

    If you like comedy, Inside Amy Schumer is absolutely hilarious, and she’s definitely gone in a more feminist direction this season (the full-episode 12 Angry Men parody was amazing, and I’d highly reccomend sketches like the realistic military video game one.).

    I’m also going to leave some animation here:

    Legend of Korra: if you don’t know what happened in the finale, lock yourself in a room for the foreseeable future and watch the entire thing before someone spoils it. The first season and a half aren’t great, but they’re worth watching to see just how much the characters grow throughout the show. Full cast of characters of color, and the core group is LGBT-friendly, too.

    Steven Universe: While aimed at a younger audience than LoK and much lighter in tone, this is still a really progressive show. Only one of the four core characters identifies as male (the titular Steven), and it’s the feminine (although they seem to be a single-gender race, they use female pronouns and appearances) who are, to him, authority figures, mentors, mother/big-sister figures, superheroes (he has powers as well, but not only is he still struggling to learn to use them, but none of the abilities he’s displayed are offensively-orientated, while all the older Gems are battle-ready combat veterans with a backstory that’s turning out to be very interesting indeed). Every single character in the town have their own personalities and dreams, have made mistakes and approached the aftermaths in a unique way, and have relationships with each other extending beyond what those they share with the protagonists. It also has absolutely wonderful music, and it’s easy to code the colors of the Gems to different human races (especially as they’re all voiced by women of color), although there are POC characters as well including Steven’s best friend and love interest. It also showed two feminine-identified characters kissing and followed up with a song talking about how the relationship was stable and would last forever (while they outright pulverized the villain of the episode. Did I mention just how wonderful the music of this show is?).

    1. There is not enough animation in my life. Someone has recommended Steven Universe to me before, and all the good things I hear about it are making me more and more eager to watch it.

  9. If you like history shows, you could try History Channel’s Vikings. Full disclosure – it does have rape as characterization in one of the early episodes, but it doesn’t happen again, and the female characters are amazing. We don’t see only one kind of female characters. We have the badass shieldmaidens, and we also have the women who stay at home when the warriors go raiding, and one kind isn’t presented as stronger or better than the other. In Season 2 we see some great female friendships between characters who would normally be rivals if they followed the common tropes.

    I don’t know if you are open to animated shows, and it’s not really recent, but I strongly recommend Avatar: The Last Airbender, and its sequel, Legend of Korra. A beautiful fantasy story, inspired by various Asian cultures. It has complex female characters of all ages, including women with disabilities. And it’s a show for kids, so you don’t have to worry about rape :)

    Are you still watching Once Upon a Time? It derailed a lot at one point, but the finale was great.

    1. Vikings have one rape, one rape attempt and one rape threat in the first season. But it´s not used as plot device, which I think makes the hole difference. It´s partially used as characterization, but also as showing how women at the time may have defended themselves. It´s not disturbing and it´s not shown in detail. The series also avoid sex and nudity just for the sake of it. It´s there, but not just to get more viewers, like in Game of Thrones. It doesn´t feel out of place.

      On the other hand, Game of Thrones have other values and more money. The narrative in Vikings is a bit shaky and it has been criticized for lack of historical correctness. Many things are realistic though, and for someone who wants to check out some interesting female characters without sex, nudity or rape just for drama, it´s defenitly worth a watch.

    2. I’ve been considering watching Vikings for a while. Maybe one to watch after a couple of happier things!

      I never picked Once Upon A Time up again after the mid-season break. I didn’t intend to drop it, so I probably will catch up at some point, but I haven’t see it yet!

  10. I would recommend watching The Avengers with Patrick MacNee as John Steel and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel now showing on channel 61 true entertainment weekdays at 8.00 pm.
    Mondays to Fridays.

    Diana Rigg was then about 24 years old and on one occasion discovered the cameraman was getting more money than she – she was a star because of the part. Thereafter her pay was multiplied by three.

    Some are in colour; and although all the writers are men – many including Terry Nation were involved in Dr Who – but they were told by script editor Brian Clemons, write as if for a man, and both Emma Peel – and her predecessor Mrs Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) went on to become feminist icons.

    Not all the stories however involve Diana Rigg however; and the cast lists at the end sometimes are those of another episode.

    Some stories pass the Beckdal test but not all – but Emma Peel is a highly trained individual and as good as Steed – either can be involved in rescuing the other. Mrs Peel always aids in her own rescue.

    As far as I know there’s no sex in it.

    I hope you like it,
    Best wishes,


  11. I recommend Fringe, it’s not new, but it has one of my favorites females leaders ever: Olivia Dunham. She’s a total badass and most of the time she is the one who saves the day. Also, Fringe is a pretty good sci-fi show.

  12. I would second Legend of Korra! Heck, if you haven’t seen it I would start with Avatar: the Last Airbender. I am fully convinced they are the best kids show/sequel show to come out in the last decade (and and arguably a top one for adults as well). Both shows are well animated, BEAUTIFULLY thought-out and designed in terms of world, story, and characters, it’s exciting and thought-provoking, all while remaining kid-friendly.

    1. Completely agree (not that it’s the best—it’s certainly the best of it’s genre, though, but there are so many positive and outright fun kids shows right now that I can’t give any single one the top slot! Avatar was definitely the best animated, though—I go back and watch some of the big battles in Korra just to remind myself how how AMAZING they were)! Also, SECRET TUNNEL!

  13. I like Salem. I don’t remember a rape last season or in the current one. However, haven’t been watching the current season as consistently. I can’t seem to get into Penny Dreadful. It has merit, but it just never draws me in enough. 12 Monkeys which ended it’s first season on Syfy was really good and there are interesting female characters. There aren’t really alot of sci fi or fantasy shows right now to choose from.

  14. I would also recommend Penny Dreadful, though with two caveats.

    The first is that there’s really only ONE female character of note, Vanessa Ives as played by Eva Green. However, she’s indisputably the main character and she’s totally compelling. The entire male cast revolves around her, and it’s definitely Eva’s best role, so consider this quality over quantity when it comes to female representation. (Billie Piper is also on the cast, but her role feels very minor in comparison).

    The second is that although there’s no violent rape, there are some scenes of dubious consent (because it’s a show based on Gothic Horror tropes, things such as possession and resurrection are involved). However, the show is very self-aware in depicting this, and things are clearly being set up for a rigorous deconstruction later down the track. (However, if you’re flat-out sick to death of rape in all its many complex permeations, best to give it a miss).

    That said, along with Orphan Black it’s one of my favourite shows at the moment.

  15. I second iZombie. I am a huge Veronica Mars fan and I’ve really been enjoying iZombie (which was developed by VR’s Rob Thomas) so far. The season finale is next week, but it has been renewed for a second season. Also, a couple of Veronica Mars regulars have had cameos so far (Wallace, Dick Casablancas, Cliff), and I’m hoping for more in the next season.

  16. I’m so glad to see that post ! I always wonder if you knew about Switched at Birth ? It’s about 2 teenage girls who’ve been switched at birth, one of them being deaf. Lots of amazing women and deaf people in that show. [ Although, just so you know, there is something about a rape in season 3. There is no image of it, and I though it was handle pretty good (happened during a Uni drunken party, and exploring how it affects the victim, reactions of others on the campus etc.) As a survivor myself, I try hard to avoid the subject on tvshows, but I have to say, that, as hard the subject was, I finally was really touched and glad to see the subject treated that way]

    Also, I saw others already telling you about Penny Dreadful , Orphan Black , iZombie and Avatar , I totally agree with them, those shows are amazing ! (Avatar being my favorite ever !)
    And, to finish, what about Masters of sex ?
    And My little pony : friendship is magic is like a hot chocolate+blanket on TV, always welcome after a hard day :)

    It’s the first comment I write here, although I follow your blog for a while now, so i have to add that I really love your blog and the analysis you make, and you made me want to read a lot of great books !

    1. Thanks so much!

      I think I’ve heard of Switched at Birth, but only vaguely. I will look it up now!

      My Little Pony is so great for crappy days. :)

  17. My list (not all of them have female leads, but they all have excellently written female characters):

    – Agent Carter
    – Daredevil
    – Orphan Black
    – The Strain
    – Gotham
    – Sleepy Hollow
    – Better Call Saul
    – Attack On Titan (anime) -> Best show on TV currently
    – No. 6 (anime)
    – Wandering Son (anime)

  18. If you don’t mind older shows, Legend of the Seeker is absolutely worth watching for it’s many awesome ladies. The books it’s based on are rife with rape, but the show, if I remember correctly, steers away from it completely. Like The 100, it starts out rather clichéd, but it develops into (admittedly sometimes corny but) very watchable Fantasy full of ladies of varying ages and personalities.

    Also I’m seconding Vikings as a show that, while it has rape, so far hasn’t used it as a cheap plot device and not portrayed it in a GoT-y way, and it has many varied and interesting female characters.

    And Yessssssssssssss Avatar, both the original and Legend of Korra.

    1. Ooo, I remember seeing the pilot to Legend of the Seeker and never watching the rest. I’ll look into it again!

  19. I am never quite sure what shows you have seen already and what shows you haven’t, but here’s a list!

    I am not sure if all of these fit the second criteria, since it’s been awhile since I watched some of them. However, all the shows treat their female characters with respect and agency in a way that I have really appreciated.

    Galavant – MY NEW FAVE. There are not as many ladies as I would like to see, but both Isabella and Madalena are so great — Isabella is SO ADORABLE, and Madalena tears apart the “damsel in distress” trope magnificently — and it is just such a fun, fun, fun, delightful show for anyone who loves humor and an old timey fantasy setting.

    Legend of the Seeker – I have been curious about what you would think of this show for a long time! Kahlan and Cara are just so marvelous and the whole show is so pretty. <3

    Xena – The most ridiculous show in the world — the Jupiter Ascending of TV shows — but also with the most wonderful heroines and most epic love story pretty much ever.

    Orphan Black – I am glad that this show has been mentioned so much! It is just so good! In the words of the great Tom and Donna from Parks & Rec: treat yo' self.

    Lost Girl – This show kind of reminds me of a darker Buffy — maybe it's closer to Angel in tone? The plots often baffle me (especially as the show has developed more of its mythology — I always feel so lost! Which I guess is appropriate), but the characters are great and most of them are awesome women. And the friendship between Bo and Kenzi at the heart of the show is just wonderful. And the dialogue is so quippy, it's grand.

    Battlestar Galactica – I totally second the comment from above. So many fascinating ladies!

    1. This list is driving home to me how many fun fantasy shows I haven’t seen yet. I’ve never even see Xena! And the comparison to Buffy/Angel is making me really eager to watch Lost Girl now.

    2. I found my old Xena Warrior Princess t-shirt the other day.
      It was mens size medium so I never wore it as a kid.
      So Happy.

  20. Lost Girl – If you ever liked Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, you’ll probably like this one. It’s definitely a bit more adult and sexy, but it’s a similar sort of monster-of-the-week show with longer story arcs going on over the course of each season. The first four seasons are on Netflix, and the last half of season 5 will air this fall to wrap up the series.
    iZombie – I have absolutely fallen in love with this show. It could stand to have more female characters or at least give more screen time to Liv’s roommate, but it’s really good.
    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Not women-focused, but based on a great book with a couple of excellent women characters. Airs in the US starting June 13.

    And agree about The 100 and Orphan Black, although they are both shows that I am way behind on.

  21. The Wachowskis’ TV effort Sense8 has just been put on Netflix. The opening has some violence against a female character, so I’d just straight up skip the first 10 minutes if you really want to avoid it. You aren’t missing anything if you do.

    So that opening didn’t incline me to be happy, but it won me over so much. I don’t think there’s ANY show that has EVER had so much diversity. So far (5 episodes into 12) we’ve got a lesbian transwoman, her partner who is a WOC, gay MOC, half a dozen more POC characters. White, straight, male characters are in the minority.

    Oh, there is a fair amount of fairly graphic sex and naked people. Pretty tit-heavy but more “people get naked in the course of their lives” versus “GoT exploitation.”

    1. I should add that there is some violence against pretty much everyone in the show, but again, I don’t find it the creepy exploitative kind that GoT is. YMMV of course.

  22. Hi there,
    you already got a lot of recommendations that I will have to check out myself :-)
    I would recommend sense8 to you, too. Mostly because it is a wonderfully weird and inriguing story with a cast that is as diverse as it gets – and partially because I want to read your reviews.

    Also a resounding YES to agent carter and iZombie.

  23. Long time reader, first time commenter! I saw this post and couldn’t resist, I’ve also been distressed by how much rape is treated as a central plot point lately on television and have been keeping an eye out for other options.

    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is divine–features lady detective Phryne Fisher during the 1920s in Melbourne, Australia. It’s the best take on a ‘mystery of the week’ genre that I’ve ever seen. The show not only has a strong female heroine at its center, but a great supporting cast: Dot a lady’s maid who becomes an amateur detective and Mac–a doctor who is Phryne’s best friend, sometimes-coworker, and has issues she’s working through on her own. Rape sometimes appears as background for a case that they’re working on–it’s never on-screen and is not presented as a real danger to the shows leads. The first two seasons are on Netflix, I burned through them and can’t wait for the third!

    Something you might want to check out if you haven’t already is Syfy’s Lost Girl–Bo is a succubus who is new to the Fae world, she has to choose the right path for her (light/dark) and come to terms with her powers. This show is as subtle as an anvil, but it’s silly and fun and handles the love triangle between Bo, her male werewolf cop and her female human doctor in a way that presents them both as real options. There isn’t an easy choice for Bo and she is equally attracted and could see herself falling in love with either.

  24. “Spider-Woman” animated TV series (1979). Yes, not recent as some of the others mentioned. But worth your time. I think the show is still the only female superhero-led cartoon series (imho web shorts don’t count).

  25. The Legend of Korra has amazing ladies and is just a really fun watch! (You should also watch Avatar, if you haven’t already. Definitely my fave children’s show ever). I would also really recommend Agent Carter. Despise its lack of diversity (which i’m hoping it will be corrected in the second season) it’s a really great show. I started Sense8 this weekend and I think it’s worth checking out? It has some pretty graphic sex scenes and and also quite a lot violence, but as someone has said it above it is not like GoT at all and so far it hasn’t bothered me (except for the opening scene. Kinda bummed out by that). It’s pretty much what everyone has already said, mostly because it’s really hard find good things to watch nowadays. And you already watch The 100, so…

  26. The Blacklist. Great characters all around, fairly balanced group (male/female-wise), diverse characters. People are badass because they’re badass, not because “we need a strong girl so feminists don’t complain”. There isn’t the usual mistreatment of nerdy characters, or people having emotions, or tough guys not feeling pain. There’s a 2-parter mid-season one where the two characters not used to fighting are the only ones free, and they deal with it realistically–yes, they’re scared, and they have to take a minute to calm and decide what to do, but there’s nothing that presents it as a bad thing. Which makes them more badass. And one of the toughest (physically) characters gets hurt a LOT, and beaten up (by girls even ~gasp~) a LOT, and he actually has pain and emotions and it’s viewed as normal!

    Oh, and James Spader is in the main cast. James Spader. James Spader. James Spader.

    Seriously, why aren’t you watching it yet? James Spader.

  27. Is there any reason why nobody mentioned Orange Is The New Black yet? It has a lot of sexual violence, but it’s definetely not a plot device. (At least in S1 and 2, haven’t seen S3 so far.)

  28. Also reading House of Niccolo by Dorothy Dunnett. Recommend. Naomi Ragen writes good books.
    Anyway my real recommendation is Korean serials. I have been watching one for the first time in years to get the bad taste of GOT out of my mouth.
    Dong Yi
    Yi San
    A Tree with Deep Roots
    Hwang Jini
    Hwang Jung
    Horse Doctor
    The Kings Face
    there is another one about a princess that I watched a few episodes of, but I can’t find it/remember it’s name

  29. I really enjoyed The Librarians. It’s got a woman in the military who’s smart and capable and the men around her respect her abilities- plus, the actress is in her 40s, so nice to have a little representation there. Also, she gets sensible clothing instead of Army Barbie or the CSI equivalent (stiletto heels and white pants in a crime scene? No, thank you.) The other lead female is a brilliant mathematician and a little scattered but capable of handling herself.

    I like the show better than the movies, which were a little too cheesy. And yay, it’s coming back for season 2 this fall!

  30. No Walking Dead? It is in my all time top 5 tv shows and unlike GOT it gets better with each season, the cast is perfect and the entire TWD team has great communication with and respect for the audience.

  31. Lost Girl – basically a 5-season love story about female friendship (+bisexual sex positive lead character), and lots of campy sci-fi/fantasy fun
    Sense8 – just amazing, super inclusive, beautiful, brilliant plot and acting. It can be a bit confusing but stick with it, it’s worth it!
    Arrow & The Flash – I know, starring male characters and the first season of Arrow is really not very good, but both shows (by the same creators) are really fun and end having a large amount of diverse female characters (and LGBT and POC!)
    Steven Universe – idk if this goes without saying but it’s one of the best shows on TV (aside from also being super feminist!). Massive amounts of diverse female characters, interesting complex plot and deep character development, sensitivity portrayed as strength, LGBT themes in a kids show, body diversity, I could go on and on and on!
    Once Upon A Time – A largely female-driven cast, with almost entirely plots about ending girl hate, female empowerment, and showing strength and power through love and mercy.
    Teen Wolf – Don’t let the name fool you, not only is it a witty, gripping and brilliantly written show but it has some of the most dynamic multi-dimensional female characters on the show. Lydia is a personal favorite, a brilliant character who appears at first to be a dumb manipulative popular girl but shows endless layers of intellect and depth, strength, agency, and unabashed sexuality.
    Nashville – although not sci-fi/fantasy, this deserves a mention as one of the most feminist shows on tv, with some of the most interesting in depth female character arcs I’ve watched. It is a straight up soap, and about the music industry (don’t worry you don’t have to like country music to watch it, I sure don’t!), but it’s core plotline is about women overcoming the obstacles the patriarchy places in front of them to helping and loving other women.
    Just read through a bunch of your posts, great reads! I hope you like some of these! xo

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