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Inside Depression


I was told Inside Out was a movie about depression.

I was very late watching Pixar’s latest tear-jerker offering (as in, I watched it for the first time last week), so I had plenty of time to hear what other people thought about the movie, and that was the message that stuck. Inside Out is about depression.

So imagine my surprise when I finally saw it, and didn’t think it was about depression at all. Not even metaphorically. It sounds like it should be — Joy and Sadness go missing, leaving Anger, Fear and Disgust to control a twelve year old girl’s brain — but the story only covers a couple of days, and the ultimate message is more about what happens when a person feels unable to express sadness than about mental illness. Although it’s a good tool to approach discussions of depression, especially with children, it’s really a story about mental wellness, and the importance of accepting and processing all emotions, including negative ones.


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New Brave Trailer

This Japanese trailer for Brave (now subtitled in English!) is made of awesome.

I’ve been excited about this movie ever since I heard about it. Fantasy Scotland! Magic! Bows and arrows! Rebellion! And did I mention that the main character is a girl, for the first time in Pixar history? It is inevitably going to be epic. But so far, the English language trailers haven’t shown much plot-wise.

Luckily, Japan steps in with this epic contribution, and the good bilingual people of Youtube have stepped in to help. Quick plot summary: Merida doesn’t want to marry her stupid prospective princes, so she goes into the forest, looking for ancient magic to change her fate. She ends up breaking the laws of the forest, starting a war, and must fight to fix things before her whole kingdom is destroyed.

It looks exciting and hilarious and heartbreaking and epic, and I cannot wait to see it. Is it June yet??

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