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Doctor Horrible and Women in Refrigerators


Don’t you just love it when your ipod shuffle brings up something great you’d forgotten about? For me, this weekend, it was the random playing of the Doctor Horrible soundtrack that reminded me how fun that miniseries was.

It’s charming, ridiculous, funny and heartbreaking, and in just 45 minutes, it plays with and breaks a lot of superhero tropes. The music was a lot of fun to listen to. Except, as I played through it, I noticed many uncomfortable tones that I had missed when the series first came out. Because although the show plays with our expectations and is nothing like a traditional superhero/supervillain story, in one way it is incredibly conventional: it fridges Penny.


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Firefly: Safe


Finally, an episode all about Simon and River.

Well, an episode about Simon. River is more a part of Simon’s story here than a character explored in her own right. But she does, at least, show some personality and some of that genius psychic-ness we’ve heard so much about.

Even if it means she almost dies as a result.


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Firefly: Serenity (aka the pilot, not the movie)

I was more than a little nervous to start rewatching Firefly.

It was my favorite show as a teenager. More than LOST (which I loved), more than Veronica Mars (which I really, really loved), more than any other show. But it’s been several years since I watched it, and when I think of it now, one thing always pops into my head:

“For a universe that’s supposed to be half Chinese, Firefly sure doesn’t have any Asians.”

Combine that with the fact that Joss Whedon has been criticized more and more recently for the shallowness of his so-called feminist message, and I was really concerned that my favorite show would turn out to be heartbreaking, and not for character-death reasons.

Turns out the reality is a lot more complicated.

Because of the slow-burn nature of the pilot, this post is more a general musing on the world of Firefly and its characters than an episode-specific review. But I’m going to be posting episode reviews (with no spoilers for future episodes) every Wednesday until I’ve worked through all the episodes and the movie. The whole thing is on Netflix if anyone wants to watch along!



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